Ten Wheelers

Numbers 9, 11 and 12
Started as a Bachmann Anniversary (Annie) model 10 wheelers. ET&WNC’s ten wheelers had planished iron boilers. I repainted the boilers with Testors Gunmetal paint to represent the planished iron. The domes were painted Floquil Engine Black and renumbered using Walthers gold decals. The smokeboxes were painted graphite. Numbers  9, 11 & 12 are battery-powered with Airwire G2s for control and a Phoenix P8 sound systems.

Number 12 – Painted in the green Hobbs scheme


The ET&WNC rostered four 2-8-0 locomotives. An Aristocraft (Delton) consolidation was extensively modified using a Bachmann balloon stack and headlight. The boiler was painted with Testor’s Gunmetal and buffed to represent the planished iron boiler. The boiler was lowered one-half inch. The compressor and airtank were removed. A scratchbuilt tool box was added to the tender. The original cab was a three panel cab, converted to two panel to better match the ET&WNC consolidations; especially #4 –  Unaka. A wooden cowcatcher replaced the more modern one. The round domes were replaced with fluted versions. The balloon stack was shortened by a half inch and the Bachmann oil headlight replaced the original electrical light to complete the back date of the locomotive. The sides of the domes, the cab and tender shell were painted using Tamiya  olive green. The loco is battery powered with a Soundtraxx Sierra sound system in the tender.

Number 4 – Unaka

 Linville River Climax

The Linville River Railroad owned a Class B Climax. The Bachmann Climax is a very close stand-in for the Linville River Climax. The unlettered Climax was decaled L.R. Ry in white letters on the cab. The LR Climax did not have a number rather a star on the number plate. The climax has been detailed with Bachmann and Ozark Miniature detail parts and a real coal load. I installed Kadee couplers. The locomotive was weathered with an airbrush using Grimy Black, Engine Black, Rust and Grime. The Climax recently converted to run with a battery car. A Sierra Steam sound system has been installed in the locomotive.

inville River Climax

Shay #1

The Linville River also had a Shay locomotive the roamed the woods of Western North Carolina. The Bachmann 35 ton Shay is very close to the Linville River Shay. Like the Climax, the Shay was detailed with Bachmann, Ozark Miniatures, and scratchbuilt (water hose) details and a real coal load. The Shay was weathered with an airbrush using Floquil paints- Grimy Black, Engine Black, Grime and Rust. I plan to battery power #1 using a battery car and will use a Soundtraxx Sierra sound.

Number 1